Brooklyn Business Environment

New York City is known to be a cultural melting pot and the borough of Brooklyn is certainly no different. Brooklyn is home to an eclectic mix of famous NYC landmarks ranging from the revered Brooklyn Bridge to the iconic Coney Island. Known as the most highly populated county in the US, Brooklyn boasts an assortment of businesses that are just as special and unique as its culture. You'll find quaint cafes, restaurants of all cuisines, small shops, clothing boutiques, and more. You'll also find an unrivaled assortment of music venues, art galleries, and outdoor spaces.

Brooklyn is thriving in large part becuase of its active small business development organization, as well as its established buisnesses such as 488 property management and the Brooklyn Brewery.

Brooklyn Neighborhoods

Each neighborhood in Brooklyn has its own unique identity and character. This unparalleled diversity is what makes Brooklyn so special. Below are some of Brooklyn's most notable neighborhoods and zip codes:

Park Slope

Located in the north western area of Brooklyn, Park Slope has become one of the borough's most desirable neighborhoods for 20-somethings and families alike. Unlike some of Brooklyn's other neighborhood's Park Slope is largely residential. It's best known for its picturesque, Brownstone-lined streets and stunning architecture. Even more, it's conveniently located in walking distance to the widely popular Prospect Park.

Park Slope is one of Brooklyn's most up-and-coming neighborhoods. The neighborhood boasts an extensive range of small boutiques, highly rated restaurants, quaint cafes, and lively bars. It's charm lies in quaint bookstores, live music venues, and art galleries. Residents and out-of-towners visit 5th Avenue and 7th Avenue for a walkable mix of upscale stores and vintage boutiques. This is also where they find artisanal eateries featuring a range of cuisines. In addition, Park Slope is home to an array of offices, cosmetic services, medical practices, and more. Some of Park Slope's most notable businesses include Fonda, Ghenet, Cog & Pearl, and Sweet Charity

Whether you're looking for a lively night out on the town or a hot coffee and relaxing stroll, Park Slope is the perfect place for you. If you're passing through on the weekend, you can even catch some of the many pop-up farmers' markets.

Bed Stuy

Bed Stuy, formally known as Bedford-Stuyvesant, is located in the north-central area of Brooklyn. Bed Stuy consists of four neighborhoods: Bedford, Stuyvesant Heights, Ocean Hill, and Weeksville. The area is most well known for its historic architecture, and Victorian-style buildings. The area is also known for its rich history in African American culture which remains prevalent today.

Bed Stuy is home to a range of small businesses that add character to the neighborhood. Fulton Street, the neighborhood's main shopping strip, offers residents and visitors an array of businesses to meet all of their needs. From trendy brunch spots and hip bars to emerging art galleries and vintage clothing stores, there truly is something for everyone. Bed Stuy also offers visitors, and those seeking a stay-cation, a range of boutique hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts. Some of Bed Stuy's most notable businesses include L'Antagoniste, Samurai Papa, Kavae Espresso Bar, Lincoln Market, Harold and Maude Vintage, and Etta Salon.

If you're looking to move to one of Bed-Stuy's small neighborhoods or simply visit for the day, be sure to take advantage of all the neighborhood has to offer. In addition to the vibrant businesses and historic district, there are any array of parks, walking paths, murals and live music. Bed Stuy is the perfect destination for everything from daytime exercise to nighttime fun.

Cobble Hill

Also located in the north western area of Brooklyn, Cobble Hill is one of Brooklyn's smallest neighborhoods. Cobble Hill is known for its rich history and historic buildings that have been preserved to this day. For those familiar with the area, the quaint neighborhood is also a go-to shopping destination.

The picturesque neighborhood of Cobble Hill provides residents and visitors with a diverse range of shops and restaurants situated in charming buildings. Many of the neighborhood's small businesses have been around for generations, offering customers a little taste of quintessential Brooklyn. You can find everything from old fashioned book stores, cinemas, and corner stores to art shops and music venues. The rich culture has also led to the rise of a trendy nightlife scene featuring hip restaurants and bars. Some of Cobble Hill's most notable businesses include Hibino, Liberator, Tumbleweed General Store and Gallery, Edelweiss Floral Atelier, Books Are Magic, and D+W Polish Nail Salon.

Cobble Hill is the ideal place for those looking to go for a stroll or check out the intimate downtown scene. While homes are on the expensive side for Brooklyn real estate, residents find the scene of safety and privacy in the neighborhood well worth the price. Come check out the character Cobble Hill has to offer.

Sunset Park

Sunset Park, located in the southwestern area of Brooklyn, offers residents and visitors a stunning view of Manhattan - something that is hard to come by over the bridge. You can see some of New York's most revered views, including the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan Skyline. You can also catch a glimpse of other Brooklyn neighborhoods and parts of New Jersey. Unlike many nearby neighborhoods, Sunset Park has an eclectic mix of architecture with exciting buildings around every corner.

Sunset Park has become known for its diverse population and business scene that reflects it. It's most well known for its up-and-coming food and drink scene. The neighborhood offers an extensive range of trendy restaurants, cafes, bars, and distilleries. Each spot is equally unique, featuring all types of cuisines from around the world. Sunset Park is also home to small book shops, live music spots, and locally owned clothing stores.

From the waterfront view to the chic shops, Sunset Park is the perfect escape. Come check out the hottest tapas spot, stop by a brewery to taste some vodka, and end the night with a breathtaking view of the distant sailboats.